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Baby stroller before use must be rigorously tested

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  Childs has now become a household necessities, a stroller carried by the parents for the child's infinite love, but the beginning of parenting young people sometimes do not know how to choose the stroller in the end, or a good choice the job in the end how to use it? Today we have to listen to the experts on this issue is how to say.
  Stroller purchase, the most important security, especially after the new car assembled, be sure to check whether some of the fastener parts of the vehicle have been securely in place. If slightly loose, it can be possible to make the stroller appear disintegration phenomenon in high-speed movement, endangering the safety of the baby. In addition to the fasteners, including stroller seat is flexible, wheel brake is effective, should be the key issues examined.
  When checking a stroller through the test of the parties, to determine without any problems in the future, then the parents should learn is how to use. Some people say, directly to the child in a pram is not on the list? This is wrong, parents are the first thing to do is to adjust the interior. For stroller height, depth suitable for babies body, otherwise the baby sitting uncomfortable, he will more than crying.
  During use, we must pay attention to the safety of the stroller, in any case, do not plug in baby randomly unlock Yaokua section belt. But we can not put the stroller as a warehouse, casual stroller hanging around all kinds of toys, packages or other heavy objects. Baby carriage bearing is a certain requirement, exceeding the weight of the stroller easy rollover occurs during operation. Note well above points, the stroller can be rest assured, comfortable to let the children spend every day.




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