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Baby love beating, parents should do

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1, from the periphery to find a cause.
If your baby has a case of beating, parents can carefully observe what prompted the baby had a desire to beat, because the baby is tired or hungry after beating will love? Or when he loves to attack people in crowded places ? or when he go to some strange place when? find out why, and then symptomatic treatment, I believe the effect will be more effective.
2, recognized the baby's feelings, proper guidance
Parents should show the baby to understand his feelings, calm but clearly tell your baby:. "I know you want that toy, but we can not beat ......" To avoid excessive discipline and reason, because it would the baby confused, not knowing what. In addition, let the baby mandatory apologized and undesirable. Put another practice effect will be very good.
3, attitudes, patience is very important
When the baby at home, beating, parents should show their dignity, but also told the grandparents the right approach to education, can not laugh it off, or even enjoy a different kind of angry baby loveliness happily, more We should take the initiative to tease the baby temper, beating. Let your baby feel their own aggressive behavior occurs, the normal reaction of what others Yes. Over time, your baby understand that such behavior will not be accepted, will naturally change. Parents Do not worry about beating Reproduce Behavior baby, 1 year old baby takes a long time to learn not to hit, so that the baby's parents taught, we must also develop their own patience.
4, to create a good family atmosphere
Baby's parents can not "violence" turn a blind eye. If your baby beat, the beat should immediately seize the hand, while serious, firm look into his eyes, let your baby feel wrong, and so to calm the baby, and then to reason with him.
5 "cold treatment", it is best not to corporal punishment
When the baby beat, the parents do not play with the baby's way to punish him, the best "cold treatment" - the baby is crying aside and told his parents love him, but he must wait after crying speak to him again. So just say it again, do not say, not too much to explain why the baby. When the baby became agitated and should avoid situations more reason more stiff, and even parents lose patience.
6, baby good role model
The family is the first to learn of his classroom, baby learning to imitate, and his family members is the object of imitation. When the baby home to see people have this operation, or any other person of this action, the baby does not understand, you will learn to hit. After the baby's first hit of the action occurs, if the parents do not stop, do not know the baby is good or bad, next time he will repeat this action.
7, actively encouraged indispensable
Parents should be enthusiastic way the baby's good behavior encouraged. Especially those parents who used to beat and scold, scold, criticize the baby, but also should pay attention to their own attitudes. Encourage good behavior can enhance your baby, the baby showed a positive, positive feelings, promote the development up.


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