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Baby food allergy how to do

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  0-1 year old milk protein allergy baby, you must choose a substitute milk formula nutrition powder. On the market of soy protein formula milk powder, milk formula powder is not used for milk protein allergy baby the best diet alternative, because both soy protein formula or milk formula, which all contain a complete protein, of the milk protein allergy baby a considerable part of the will of the bean protein, milk protein allergy.
  At present, the medical profession recognized recommendation is: if the baby to milk protein allergy, if not breast feeding, should choose completely hydrolyzed milk protein formula. The vast majority of children in the complete hydrolysis of protein formula within two weeks after the symptom relief or disappear. If the baby is still in the use of completely hydrolyzed protein formula is still no relief, then the use of amino acid formula powder.
  In general, through the diet adjustment, avoid allergic food, baby's allergic symptoms can be eased, will not affect the growth and development. But there are also a few severe food allergies baby need to take medication under the guidance of a doctor.
  With the growth of age, the baby's immune system is gradually mature. In the baby allergic symptoms completely disappeared 3-6 months after, gradually transition from amino acid formula completely hydrolyzed formula, transition from hydrolyzed formula to moderately hydrolyzed formula, so as to help the baby to transition to a normal diet.


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