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Mom and dad class: Children's self center how to do

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Reason for two years and two months baby self-centered
  Self center, or we usually say is selfish, many only children common problem. The problem is the same, only children have no brothers or sisters accompanied by relevant. But more important is the parents' parenting style and improper educational attitude. Mainly in the child's care, take care of excessive excessive, excessive, excessive to favor.
Next, take a look at the age of two months baby self-centered to do.
Two years and two months baby self center how to do
  The shift of the focus of attention of family. Parents and grandparents don't distracted from the children, so it is easy to spoil the child. Indulgence will strengthen the child's sense of self center. To make children think that they are the center of the world, the elders of course to turn around, to meet their own requirements. Parents should consciously shift the focus of the attention of the family, the child as an independent person, as an equal with other family members of a person. This will enable children to correctly understand their own, but also to see others.
  Using transference method. If you think of others that guide their children. For example, a pair of parents with children to visit friends, friends of the children are eating bananas. Friends call their children to take a banana to play the child to eat, but the child is not willing to. A friend opened he said: "the kids come to our home, we should treat them well. If you go to play with other children at home, they themselves eat and not eat for you, will you be happy?" The child said: "not happy". A friend said: "yes, so we had to give the children to eat, he will be happy." Through a comparison, friends of the children to come up with a banana. Therefore, the child out of the self center, need to guide parents. As parents, should be through stories, playing games and metaphor etc. to guide their children to recognize and understand others, sympathy for others, promote children from "self" to "others" by their own, think of others.
  Let the children participate in collective activities. Excessive protection, closed children will make children lose with others in a game of chance, but also make the children lose the opportunity to meet people value. In group activities, so that children can enjoy the joy of success, to experience the significance of cooperation with others, to get out of myself.


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