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Xihe Mission: For external: Provide a safe and comfortable supplies, Hope to help them like seedings thrive in the sun.
For internal: To build a platform to realize their ideals and values to employees.
Five core values:
1) Revere Customers
Customer is the God of the enterprise, it was the primary reason for the existence of the business. Customer is the starting point also is the end of company. We must constantly exceed customer’s expectation. Provide the satisfactory technology, products , experience and service for customer. While also promoting the value of internal customer. To achieve the corporate sector, upper and lower levels each other as customers. Mutual cooperation ,in order to create better value for customers.
2) Reverence and Love
Reverence: Follow the development of objective law do things, only reasonable able to long-standing, conform to the law of all things, to achieved the desired goal.
Love: Treat customer kindly, make the maximum value of customer. Treat employees kindly, make the maximum value of employees. Actively committed to social responsibility ,bring benefit to community.
3) Transformation and Innovation
Through innovation, constantly provide better products, service and experiencing to lead the people of a better life. Through innovative, continuous injection of fresh blood for company. Lead the development of business line. Through the establishment of a mechanism to encourage innovation, make staff to maintain the passion and energy of innovation and change. Realize the maximum value of life, Move forward, or you'll fall behind., not change will die. The Winner takes it all , change is the invariable truth.
4)A sense of responsibility
Enterprise only through responsibility to society, customers, employees, shareholder, to be able to win the respect of the community, customer’s recognition, employees to follow, shareholder to our trust. Thus achieve a win-win situation. Staff should also assume their own responsibility. 100% responsible for enterprise and customers. To realize the maximize the value of life.
The enterprise is a business organization, standing on the commercial point of view. Essentially customers, enterprise, employees are business exchange relationship. If the companies do not provide results for our customers will be social outcasts. If the employee does not provide results for the company, will also be eliminated by the company. Need results not excuse, only the result to change the fate of the enterprise and individuals.
Six code of conduct:
Keep promise, no excuse, responsible for the result by own, exchange and open minds, thanksgiving and care.
Slogan of action: I believe everything could created by our own hands and wisdom. as long as we working hard all the time.
Concept of employing: We respect talent, cultivate talent, utilize talent, so that each employees obtained the training and access to development opportunities. Advocate companies and employees mutual grow, how the ability you have how large the stage you will have. Care and believe employees, believe each employees if they work hard, it can do better. Performance better than the qualifications, ability better than the qualifications, down to earth, love and dedication, no pains ,no gains. Advocate good , harmonious, honest staff relations. And firmly believe that this employees relations is the basis of the company to bring cohesion. We hope to have more staff to stand out. Harbor ideals, become a person of work independently, push business forward.


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